10 Best Things to Do in Prague in December

Best Things to Do in Prague
Best Things to Do in Prague

1. Discover the Popular Christmas Markets

One of the locations where December and Christmas are most attractive is Prague, which is an excellent choice for spending your winter and Christmas vacations together. Visit the brilliantly adorned markets that have been set up in every part of Prague as one of the first things to do while arriving there.

The Old Town Square Christmas market is the one that draws the most people. Wenceslas Square, Peace Square, Republic Square, and the Christmas Market at Prague Castle can all be ordered by degree of popularity. Christmas markets provide mulled wine, trdelnk pastry, and Christmas goods. We advise you to visit these Christmas markets before leaving Prague.

View of Prague by night

2. Book an authentic Live Classical Concert 

Listening to live classical music in the center of Prague is one of the most popular things to do during the Christmas season. People who wish to enjoy a perfect winter day in December can listen to classical music at its most famous location. The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra is a well-known and well-established classical music organization in Prague. The orchestra performs live in Prague’s Rudolfinum concert venue. The orchestra also puts on innovative performances on occasion, such as a water-based projection display.

3. Visit the Prague Castle and other museums 

Visiting Prague Castle in the winter months of December can be a great opportunity to see the beauty of the city under the snow. The castle is home to many historical buildings, museums, churches, and gardens. Another thing to do while you’re at Christmas time is to visit Prague’s famous museums.

The following are some excellent examples: The Kafka Museum exhibits Franz Kafka’s life and writings. The National Museum is Prague’s largest and oldest museum. The Communism Museum houses significant works from the Communist period. In addition to this, there is the well-known sex machines museum.

4. See the Lamplights on Charles Bridge

Perhaps one of the most fairytale things to do at Christmas time is to cross the Charles Bridge. It is a historical bridge located over the Vltava River in Prague. December has a special meaning for this bridge. The bridge is carefully lit by a lamplighter dressed in special clothes until the 23rd of December. The purpose of this is to maintain the romantic understanding of the 19th century and to be admired by its visitors. We recommend that you visit this bridge, which reflects the magnificent winter view in the most beautiful way, especially in December and in the evening.

Day view of Prague. Czech Republic

5. Drink Czech Beer in the most Popular Bars 

If you choose to visit Prague for Christmas and are looking for different things to do, we recommend you try the famous Czech beers. You can see special decorations for December and Christmas spirit in the bars, which are also preferred by local people in winter. You can try the famous Czech beers Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, and Staropramen in the city’s famous squares, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. These squares have the most visited bars in the city and can host Christmas-specific events.

6. Experience a local Sauna 

When you get tired during your Christmas vacation, one of the nicest things you can do to relax both your body and spirit, especially during the winter season, is to visit the local saunas in Prague. There are various possibilities in Prague, ranging from classic Finnish saunas to new sorts of saunas such as aromatherapy, steam, salt, ice, or mud. You can catch special sessions and discounts in these saunas for December. Beer Spa Bernard is the most popular and the price is higher than the others. Then Sauna Spot and Sauna Club follow this order.

7. Book a New Year’s Eve Jazz cruise 

A special thing to do for New Year’s Eve is to make a reservation for the most famous jazz venue in Prague. On December 31, a unique jazz night is hosted at Reduta Jazz Club, one of Prague’s most famous jazz bars. Every New Year’s Eve, great performers such as the Reduta Jazz Band come to Prague and provide the audience with amazing experiences. The gathering includes a variety of games and surprise visitors. You can visit these destinations if you wish to enjoy a good winter and New Year’s Eve. The entry price often ranges between 2500 and 3500 CZK.

8. Ride the Prague Christmas Trams

Another thing we recommend you do before you finish your Christmas holidays is to get into Christmas traumas. The Trams in Prague are historical trams that travel through the streets of the city every year in December, are red, decorated with lights, and play Christmas music. It is also free to ride the trams and no tickets or reservations are required. The route of the tram passes through the most important and beautiful places of Prague. The start and finish stop of the Christmas tram is Wenceslas Square in the Prague 1 district. The tour, which will allow you to witness magnificent winter views, also passes through the famous Prague Castle.

Prague. Old Town Hall with Orloj Astronomical Clock and Tyn Church.

9. Go Ice Skating in Prague 

If we were to suggest romantic things to do before finishing your Prague Noel holiday, ice skating would be a nice option. Since December is the coldest time of winter, it is one of the most suitable activities that can be done. There is an ice rink in the Old Town Square, opposite the Astronomical Clock. This track is one of the most popular and beautiful tracks in Prague. You can also check out safe and fun ice-skating venues such as O2 Arena, Štvanice, and Zimní stadion Nikolajka.

10. Go on a day trip to Ceský Krumlov

We would like to suggest one more thing to do towards the end of your Christmas holiday in Prague. Taking a day trip to Ceský Krumlov will allow you to discover a new corner of Prague. Ceský Krumlov is a historical and charming town located on the banks of the Vltava River in the south of the Czech Republic. The Christmas market in Ceský Krumlov is held in Svornosti Square, the main square of the town, every December. A day trip to Ceský Krumlov is possible with a bus or train ride of approximately 2.5 hours from Prague. Visiting this place in winter gives a different pleasure compared to other seasons.


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