Amusement & Aqua Parcs 

  1. Toboga

Toboga is a fun place for families and kids. You can find various facilities in the park, such as water slides, pools, playgrounds, and restaurants. The park is also close to the historical and cultural richness of Prague. Visit the Prague Zoo. Here you can see more than 650 animal species, visit the park, and examine the aquarium with tropical fish. You can go up Petřín Hill. Here you can take the funicular train, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower model, get lost in the mirror maze, and visit the Observatory. Here you can watch puppet shows with your family, and there are daily puppet theaters for children. The most famous of these are Špejbl and Hurvínek Theatre. It may be one of the best activities that you and your children can do on a weekend.

  1. Aquapalace

Aquapalace is an indoor water park located just 10 minutes by public transport from Prague-Opatov. The park has many facilities, including nine water slides, various pools, saunas, a spa complex, and a fitness center. The park also has an aquarium with tropical fish, sharks, and sea urchins. There are many things you can do here with your children. One of the best things can be fun children’s games in the treasure palace. Additionally, if you want to spend some time for yourself, you can visit the sauna section. There are also many hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls in and near the park.


  1. Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is a zoo located in the north of Prague on the banks of the Vltava River and was founded in 1931. Prague Zoo also offers a fun and educational experience for families and children. The zoo has facilities such as various animal shows, feeding activities, playgrounds, a children’s zoo, and a water park. You can also reach the zoo by cable car or boat. You can choose this place without hesitation to have a nice weekend with your children. We recommend that you spend at least 2 hours to explore all the beauties of Prague Zoo.

  1. Image Black Light Theatre (+ golf & games)

 Image Black Light Theater is a Prague theater that combines creative styles such as black, dance, and pantomime. Image For the last 30 years Black Light Theater has been presenting events in Prague and around the world. It is one of the most visited and enjoyable tourist attractions in Prague. A great event suitable for families and children. The best thing you can do here is to play golf with your children after watching the theater show. You can also play billiards, darts, air hockey, and football in the games room.

  1. Boat Tours

 Boat tours are organized cruises on Prague’s Vltava River. You may see the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and the Dancing House from the riverbank with tours. While in Prague, you may enjoy wonderful cuisine and beverages with tours. Tours are available with a guide. Guides also offer services in several languages. There are also instructional games and activities designed just for kids.

  1. Children Island

 Children Island is a park for children located on Prague’s Vltava River. Children Island features various playgrounds where kids may let off some steam and have a good time. Swings, slides, climbing walls, sandboxes, trampolines, and other play equipment may be found here. There are several picnic places where families may spend time with their children. For a modest cost, you may ride bikes with your children and enjoy boat cruises. Near the park, there are also restaurants providing a variety of cuisines.

  1. Papilonia Butterfly House

 Papilonia Butterfly House is a butterfly house located in Prague, where more than 600 butterflies from tropical regions live. This activity may be one of the best things in your children’s life. Because here children can witness butterflies emerging from cocoons and their first flights. The Papilonia Butterfly House also contains a tropical plant garden. Palm trees, orchid blossoms, banana trees, and many more flora may be found here. A little lake is also a good place to view fish. This natural wonder, which is unique in terms of attractions, is the most beautiful area you can explore with your family.

  1. Czech RepuBRICK

 Czech RepuBLIC is a museum in Prague that displays the most important buildings and sights of the Czech Republic made with Lego bricks. Here you can see landmarks and historical places of the Czech Republic, such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, Terezín Monument. Trains, cars, planes, ships, and animals made of Lego bricks are also exhibited. Here, children and adults can do whatever they want with Lego bricks, program robots, or play Lego video games. Here, you can participate in Lego design competitions with your children and have fun.

  1. Výtopna Railway Restaurant

 Výtopna Railway Restaurant is a great place in Prague for both adults and children. One of the things that makes this place special for tourists is that it is in the center of Prague. This is a place that serves tables with trains. You can watch the cute trains bring drinks to your table. It attracts thousands of tourists every year with its unique design and delicious Czech food. Here you can ride the trains with your children, take photos, and participate in special events.

  1. Medieval Dinner

Mediaeval Dinner is a restaurant in Prague with a medieval theme. Here, medieval-style food is provided. The restaurant’s dishes, glasses, and cutlery are similar in medieval design. There are medieval foods and drinks offered here. Mediaeval Dinner allows you to dine while also watching medieval entertainment. Additionally, you can attend shows with your family and wear medieval costumes here. It can be a very interesting experience for you and your children. You can also collect memories by taking extraordinary photos to share on your social media.



  1. LEGO Museum

In a 300-square-meter space, the LEGO Museum in Prague houses over 1000 works created using LEGO bricks. Movie and cartoon characters constructed of LEGO bricks include Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, and Spiderman. In LEGO playgrounds, you may create your creations and then buy them. It will be one of the best options to develop children’s creative intelligence. After purchasing your entrance ticket to the museum, you can benefit from discounts while shopping here.

  1. Museum of Senses

The Museum of Senses in Prague is an intriguing and amusing museum that wakes your senses. The Museum has optical illusions that will leave you speechless. You can go through the inverted room, become lost in the infinite mirror, adjust your height in the Ames room, and lose your balance in the Vortex tunnel here. You may test your senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and vision, as well as explore how your brain functions and navigate the sensory labyrinth. The Museum of Senses is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Prague for both children and adults.

  1. Planetarium

Planetarium is a space and astronomy museum in Prague that is both informative and entertaining. Sky presentations are projected onto a 23-meter-diameter dome at the Planetarium. The solar system, stars, galaxies, spaceships, and much more may be seen and learned about here. The presentations are given in a variety of languages and are appropriate for a variety of age groups. Models of spacecraft, spacesuits, meteorites, telescopes, and other objects may be seen and touched here. In addition, the planetarium hosts space workshops for youngsters. Here, kids may develop space rockets, sundials, and star maps, and speak with aliens. Workshops are available for a variety of age groups.

  1. Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Prague houses one of the world’s largest toy collections. The  Museum is a 5-story structure with a floor space of 2,000 square meters. Here you can see more than 100,000 toys dating from ancient times to the present day. Toys include wooden toys, dolls, trains, cars, soldiers, robots, LEGO sets, and many more. We have good news for Barbie fans! Here is the largest collection of Barbie. You can also design your toys here with your children and then buy them to keep as memories. As an extra, you can find toy sets, accessories, souvenirs, and much more in the store at the entrance of the museum. Here you can benefit from special discounts for museum visitors.

  1. Chocolate Museum

Visiting the chocolate museum with your children is one of the best things you can do in Prague. For families and children, the Chocolate Museum is both tasty and intriguing. The Chocolate Museum has an exhibition that explains the origin, history, and manufacturing method of chocolate. The Chocolate Museum is a fantastic chance for chocolate enthusiasts. Chocolates of all types and flavors may be sampled here. In the museum’s chocolate workshop, you may manufacture your chocolate or get advice from experienced chocolatiers. Your youngsters will be able to find their favorite chocolate from the greatest source possible.